Mayorkas Put on the Chopping Block as Republicans Set Impeachment Hearing Date

Mayorkas Put on the Chopping Block as Republicans Set Impeachment Hearing Date

( – Republicans want Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas impeached. The border has been in a state of chaos since the beginning of President Joe Biden’s term, and Conservatives believe the secretary has failed in his duty to protect the country. House lawmakers are now moving to remove him from office.

Impeachment Hearing Set

On January 3, Rep. Mark E. Green (R-TN), chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, announced a hearing date was set for January 10. According to a press release, the hearing will be the first in the proceedings against the DHS secretary. The committee released interim reports about Mayorkas, claiming he has been derelict in his duty to protect the US-Mexico border.

Lawmakers also claim that Mexican drug cartels have taken control of the border. Cartels are accused of killing thousands of Mexicans since the war against them began in the neighboring country nearly two decades ago. They are also responsible for the murders of Americans, including law enforcement officers, visitors to Mexico, and countless people in the US who have died from drug overdoses.

The GOP is also accusing the DHS secretary of abuse and waste of taxpayer dollars. The committee released transcripts of interviews with a deputy chief patrol Border Patrol agent and eight Border Patrol chief patrol agents. The interviews allegedly revealed that Mayorkas has failed to enforce the country’s immigration laws, causing the nation to spiral into a crisis.

Chairman Green said the American people are calling on Congress to hold those responsible for the border crisis accountable. To meet the demands of the people, the committee investigated the secretary and said that they found Mayorkas has failed “to fulfill his oath of office” and that “demands accountability.”

A Bumpy Road

Getting to the point of hearings has been difficult for the GOP. Many Republicans have wanted to impeach the secretary for years, but more moderate members of the party were holding out. Those members will soon have to defend their seats in the general election and for those in districts that President Joe Biden won in 2020.

At the end of December, POLITICO reported that support within the GOP to impeach the secretary has grown. Still, it wasn’t clear whether Green had the votes he needs to pass the articles of impeachment.

Although members of the House want to impeach the secretary, the Democratic Party still controls the Senate. Republicans in the Senate have also not jumped on board the impeachment train. Many believe a disagreement about policy does not rise to the level of impeachment.

Mayorkas could become the second cabinet official in history to be impeached if the effort is successful.

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