Media Writer Admits He Was Wrong: “I’m an Idiot”

Media Writer Admits He Was Wrong: "I'm an Idiot"

( – It’s not unusual for football fans to attend games with their faces painted and attire that represents their team. Buffalo Bills fans, for example, are known for painting themselves red and blue to show their appreciation. Some even wear Buffalo fur and horns on their heads. A 9-year-old Kansas Chiefs fan showed his appreciation for his team at a recent game and was labeled a racist by the woke media. Now, one of those writers has apologized.

Holden Armenta recently attended a Chiefs game with his face painted red and black, the team’s colors. He also had a Native American headdress on his head. The elementary school-aged child was attacked by Deadspin writer Carron Phillips, who published an article demanding the NFL speak out against the young fan. Phillips said the little boy “found a way to hate Black people and Native Americans at the same time.”

Jack McGuire, a Barstool Sports writer, jumped on the bandwagon and also attacked the small child. He claimed the kid was wearing blackface. McGuire later ate his words and posted an apology video on TikTok.

In the video, McGuire said, “I am an idiot.”

The writer said that when he made his comment, he’d only seen one side of the child’s face. He had no idea that the other side of his face was painted red. As for the Native American headdress, McGuire admitted the child in question is also Native American. In fact, his grandfather, Raul Armenta, is on the board of the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash tribe.

McGuire said he took the video down that attacked the little boy.

The Armentas spoke to Fox News about what happened. The child’s father, Bubba Armenta, dismissed the notion that an apology could fix what happened. In a discussion about Phillips, the original hater, the angry father said, “The damage is already done.”

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