Migrant Influencer Taunts American Taxpayers in Shocking Videos

(UnitedVoice.com)—Millions of refugees have fled Venezuela in recent years. In 2021, Refugees International revealed that the country ranked second in the world for displaced people. One of them entered the US without authorization and became a TikTok influencer. His videos have infuriated Americans.

More than 500,000 people were following Leonel Moreno on TikTok when the app took down his page. He’d lit a firestorm after posting videos where he bragged about duping American taxpayers. In one video, he bragged about not working, saying he didn’t like it and telling his followers there were many “tricks” to getting money in the US.

Moreno also claimed that he made $1,000 a day panhandling. In one of his videos, he held a baby while begging for money. The child had a sign on its neck asking people for a hug because the baby was celebrating its birthday.

The immigrant also gave people advice on how to use squatters’ rights to occupy vacant properties. He claimed his friends had already taken over multiple properties that way.

Moreno mocked Americans and fellow migrants, telling them that they were mad because he makes more than them while they “work like slaves.” He said the difference between himself and them was that he would keep getting money while they were exploited.

The migrant influencer entered the US illegally in 2022. He was granted parole through a program that helps refugees and given a court date. His point of contact for immigration was in Miami, but he failed to show up for multiple appointments and a hearing. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is currently trying to locate him.

After TikTok took down his account, he made a new one and posted a video where he was crying about being mistreated. Americans and other immigrants have called him out for his horrible videos. Other migrants have accused him of playing into stereotypes to incite rage and get more views on his social media pages.

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