Moscow Accused of Being Behind Eiffel Tower Coffins

( – The Eiffel Tower is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world and the most visited in Paris, France. It is always surrounded by heavy security to prevent terrorist attacks or other crimes. Recently, something strange happened at the sparkling gold tourist site, and French officials think Russia played a role in it.

Coffins at The Tower

On June 1, five coffins showed up under the Eiffel Tower. They were filled with plaster and set up at the foot of the landmark. The coffins had French flags draped over them and the words: “French soldiers in Ukraine.”

Police arrested three men for the stunt later that day. They were from Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Germany and are being investigated for suspicion of committing “psychological violence.” The prosecutor’s office revealed the charge comes with a fine and a three-year prison sentence. The perpetrators allegedly said that they were paid to transport the coffins to the site and place them there.

France is set to host the Summer Olympics next month. The games will be held in Paris and begin on July 26. Law enforcement is on high alert ahead of the games and worried about potential terror attacks.

Russia’s Alleged Involvement

French authorities believe Russian President Vladimir Putin had something to do with the display. According to reports, the caskets showed up at the country’s most visible landmark after French President Emmanuel Macron refused to rule out sending troops to Ukraine to help train the military forces there. He has also said that the Ukrainian military is allowed to use French weapons to strike inside Russia. Germany and the US have also given the war-torn nation permission to use their weapons.

The Kremlin warned the president against the escalation. Critics believe the Russian government is trying to sway public opinion about the European nation’s involvement in Ukraine.

The Russian Embassy in France released a statement claiming the allegations are a “new Russophobic campaign” and believes that it’s impacting the security of its citizens. The embassy also denied any involvement in the stunt, saying Russia doesn’t get involved in the affairs of France or any other nation.

French media have pointed to other stunts that might have involved Russia. For example, after Israel launched the war against Hamas, more than 200 paintings of the Star of David started showing up on buildings around the French capital. The government has also accused Russian trolls of launching social media campaigns to whip up controversy about the paintings, claiming there is an increase in anti-Semitism.

Again, Russia has denied any involvement.

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