MTG Reveals Plan to Force Vote Against Johnson

( – Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is still on a crusade against Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-LA). The lawmaker introduced a measure to vacate the speaker in March. She originally said she wasn’t going to force a vote to try to oust him, but that has changed.

Vacate the Speaker

On May 1, Greene announced she planned to force the House of Representatives to vote on her motion to vacate Johnson. The congresswoman was joined by Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) when she made the announcement. She accused the speaker of betraying Republicans and helping Democrats.

Greene said she voted for Johnson to become the speaker because he “was conservative” but alleged that after he took the position, he became “a man that none of us recognize.” She said that she didn’t believe Conservatives were not “going to have a House majority if [they] keep” the speaker.

The congresswoman went on to say that if the vote to oust Johnson fails and “the whole conference, the whole Congress, supports the uniparty” it would be a victory for Americans because she’d have a list of lawmakers who supported him. Greene also touched on the support former President Donald Trump has expressed for the Louisiana lawmaker. She claimed that her effort to get rid of him would help the presumptive Republican nominee because he fully funded the Justice Department, which wants to jail Trump “for life.”

Greene went on to say that she fights for the MAGA agenda every day and that’s why she’s fighting with her colleagues now. She said they have to vacate the speaker so they can win the general election and majority in the fall.

Responses to Greene’s Efforts

The day before Greene’s announcement, Johnson spoke to NewsNation about her issues with him. He said he doesn’t “spend a lot of time thinking about her” because he has a job to do. He said they “do the right thing” and then “let the chips fall where they may.”

Johnson also said that he doesn’t think Greene is a “serious lawmaker.” After the congresswoman announced she intended to force a vote on the motion to vacate, he issued a short statement saying her “motion [was] wrong for the Republican Conference, wrong for the institution, and wrong for the country.”

Democrats recently vowed to protect Johnson if Greene pushed forward with the plan. They didn’t extend the same courtesy to former Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), which led to his ouster. This time around, they promised to table the motion and keep the Republican leader in power.

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