Murderer Attacked by Victim’s Family in Courtroom

Alleged Murderer Attacked by Victim's Family in Courtroom

( – In January of 2022, Frank DeLeon Jr. shot his 16-year-old ex-girlfriend, Diamond Alvarez, 22 times — killing her just blocks from her home. Houston police arrested the then-17-year-old, charging him with the murder. According to reports at the time, DeLeon shot Alvarez during a relationship confrontation involving another girl. He reportedly asked her to meet him at a park, where he killed her. Recently, he pleaded guilty, and chaos broke out in the courtroom.

On October 17, the now-19-year-old defendant was in court to begin the trial for killing Alvarez. During the proceeding, the victim’s mother, Anna Machado, got up to read a victim impact statement. When she was done speaking, she didn’t return to her seat but rushed toward her daughter’s killer. Before Machado could reach the defendant, the bailiff stopped her. While the court official was busy with the grieving mother, Alvarez’s uncle took the opportunity to run over to the killer, punching him several times.

After the court staff removed the family from the courtroom, the judge adjourned, and Machado spoke to reporters. She said it was “wrong” to attack DeLeon because she and her family “are not monsters.” However, she said the defendant was “laughing in [her] face” while she was reading in front of the court, setting her off. Machado said her daughter’s killer wasn’t remorseful and acted like the whole thing was a “joke.”

The mom said her “daughter’s not a joke.” Sadly, the victim’s mother was the one who found her daughter dying on the ground. She attempted to save her life by performing CPR, but her efforts were unsuccessful.

There were no reports indicating that the court took any action against the victim’s family for the chaos in the courtroom. As for DeLeon, he took a plea deal for taking Alvarez’s life. The court sentenced him to 45 years behind bars.

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