Nation’s ‘Second Gentleman’ Makes Embarrassing Mistake, Deletes Evidence

Nation's 'Second Gentleman' Makes Embarrassing Mistake, Deletes Evidence

( – Vice President Kamala Harris has spent nearly her entire tenure in the number two position at the White House being clowned for her mistakes. Republicans have accused her of failing to accomplish any job President Joe Biden has given her. It appears the ability to mess things up runs in her family.

On December 11, Second Gentleman Douglas Emhoff posted a Hanukkah story on his X, formerly Twitter, account. The Jewish holiday began on December 7 and runs through December 15. In his post, Harris’ husband posted a photo of himself after he lit a menorah. He then wrote his version of how Hanukah’s eighth day began.

According to the second gentleman, “the story of the Jewish people has always been one of hope and resilience.” He said that in the story of Hanukkah, Jewish people were forced to hide, and nobody thought they would survive. He claimed those Jews didn’t think their oil would last either, but it kept burning, and they survived.

During the eight days the Jews were reportedly in hiding, they said their prayers and continued on as usual. He claimed that is why “Hanukkah means dedication.”

The problem with Emhoff’s story is that it isn’t true. states the holiday actually celebrates the re-dedication of the Second Tempe in Jerusalem during the second century. That’s where the Jewish people rose against their Greek-Syrian oppressors during the Maccabean Revolt. The Jews found one supply of oil, and it lasted for eight days.

The second gentleman deleted the tweet several hours later.

X users immediately started mocking the second gentleman. One user called the vice president and her husband “dumb and dumber.”

Another user said, “Birds, and brains, of a feather.”

Conservative Erick Erickson said the tweet by the second gentleman just proves the Biden administration “can’t get the basics right.” He said the Democratic Party should be panicking about 2024.

Emhoff has not responded to the controversy or acknowledged his mistake.

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