NBA Star Banned For Life

( – Jontay Porter is the younger brother of NBA star Michael Porter Jr. He followed in his brother’s footsteps and played professional ball, including for the Toronto Raptors. Now, the NBA has banned him from playing for life.

In March, reports surfaced that the NBA opened an investigation into the basketball player for gambling. According to ESPN, there were reports of multiple bets from January through March made by the player. For example, on January 26, Porter only played four minutes and then left the game with an alleged eye injury. While he was in, he didn’t attempt any 3-pointers.

ESPN reported in March that the day after that game, DraftKings Sportsbook said the under on Porter’s 3-pointers resulted in the biggest money winner of any NBA player for bettors who were wagering on the props for the game that evening.

Another game in March raised red flags for those monitoring licensed sports bettor operators. Investigators learned Porter gave bettors information about his own health before a game. Another person then placed an $80,000 bet that the basketball player would hit the stats set for him in the online sports books.

The individual would have won more than $1 million if he was right. Porter only played for 3 minutes that game, then left for an unknown illness. His decision to exit the match resulted in none of his stats being met. The bettor didn’t receive their money, though. It was frozen and never paid out.

On April 17, the NBA announced Porter was banned for life. The league said an investigation found the player bet against his own team and disclosed the private health information of players to sports bettors.

The Associated Press reported Commissioner Adam Silver accused Porter of violating the league’s rules. He said the player’s actions were “blatant” and nothing was more important than the league’s integrity.

Porter also placed 13 bets using someone else’s account. The wagers won him more than $20,000.

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