NBC Gives GOP Something To Cheer Over

(UnitedVoice.com) – The presidential election isn’t the only thing that will drive people to the polls this year. All 435 members of the House of Representatives and 34 senators are up for reelection. That means the GOP has a real shot at taking complete control of the government. According to a new poll, that’s what the American people want.

New Poll

NBC News conducted a poll of 1,000 registered voters from January 26 to January 30. The respondents to the survey were pretty evenly split between Democrats and Republicans, but there were also Independents in the mix.

According to the results, 29% of Democrats said there have been times in the last year or so that they have wanted to switch their affiliation to the Republican or Independent Parties. Twenty-nine percent (29%) of Independents also said they thought about switching to the GOP.

The voters were also asked if they thought the country was going in the right direction, and 73% of respondents said it was on the “wrong track.” To that end, 49% of the voters who participated in the poll said that they want the Republican Party to retake control of Congress in November. That is an increase of four points since September 2023, when 46% of respondents wanted Democrats to take control and only 45% wanted Republicans in charge.

The Issues

Pollsters also asked the respondents about how they felt former President Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden would handle some issues. Their responses could be a window into why voters want the GOP to take control of Congress.

Only 22% of voters thought Biden would do a better job of securing the borders. Meanwhile, 57% said that Trump would handle the problem. Thirty-three percent (33%) believed Biden would handle the economy well, and 55% were confident the former POTUS could straighten it out.

Only 32% believe Biden is more competent and effective, compared to 48% who feel the same about Trump. A measly 23% of respondents think Biden has the necessary physical and mental health to be the commander-in-chief.

Crime and violence is a big issue across the country, but only 29% believe the president handles the issue better. Fifty percent (50%) of respondents said Trump could get control of it and make the country safer. Finally, 47% said Trump would improve the US’ standing in the world, while Biden got a paltry 36%.

Biden failed at nearly every metric. Trump, on the other hand, was superior in all of the important categories. With data like that, it comes as no surprise that so many people want the GOP to take control back.

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