New Reports Claim China Creating Bioweapons

New Reports Claim China Creating New Bioweapons

( – Apprehension about a possible biological weapons program in China has grown significantly since the worldwide health crisis in 2020. There were even allegations that the communist nation created the viral infection themselves. Now, there are more concerns about what the country is up to.

On December 22, Gordon G. Chang, the author of “The Coming Collapse of China,” appeared on Newsmax to discuss an alleged biological weapons program in Beijing. The author appeared on the show “Carl Higbie FRONTLINE” to have a conversation about the possibility after a report by the CCP Biothreats Initiative.

According to the report, the People’s Liberation Army is allegedly trying to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) technology, biological weapons, and brain-computer interfaces into its military strategies. The Chinese government reportedly wants to be able to win wars without using traditional weapons. The biological weapons are reported to cause sleep or sleep-related issues in enemy troops in order to make it harder for them to stay alert.

China is also reportedly creating pharmaceutical drugs that could change the physiological and genetic makeup of people. They want to be able to have an impact on their behavioral and cognitive traits.

Chang warned that, unlike the US and other nations, China isn’t part of the Biological Weapons Convention so there is no way to prevent the country from developing them. He pointed out that the idea of genetic drugs would definitely fall into the bioweapons category and there are other weapons as well. He called on the US to challenge China on the program, saying it might have been responsible for the pandemic.

America First Policy Institute Center for American Security Vice Chairman Fred Fleitz also appeared on the program and accused China of developing “drugs to take over the minds of enemy soldiers.” He said it would be a violation of the Biological Weapons Convention.

Former President Donald Trump regularly accused China of using biological weapons by allegedly releasing the virus. President Joe Biden has not commented on the report.

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