New Rivalry Beginning to Boil Between Trump and Kennedy

( – Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) Jr. originally joined the presidential race as a member of the Democratic Party. The former environmental lawyer eventually dropped out of the race and announced he was running as an independent candidate. That shook up the presidential race because he could peel votes away from both former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden.

That reality has ignited a fight between Kennedy and Trump.

Trump Attacks Kennedy

On April 26, Trump went on a social media rant against the nephew of late President John F. Kennedy. The former POTUS accused Kennedy of being a plant by the Democratic Party. He accused the independent candidate of holding radical left positions on a number of issues, including immigration and the environment.

Trump warned Republicans that voting for Kennedy would be a “wasted protest vote” and said he would even prefer Biden over him.

The former president’s tirade came days after a Mainstreet Research and Florida Atlantic University poll showed Kennedy pulling votes away from Trump and Biden beating him by a fraction of a percent.

Kennedy Responds

The former Democrat responded to the attack, calling Trump “frightened” and “unhinged.” He said the rant was “barely coherent” and filled with false claims. Kennedy went on to accuse the former president of betraying his supporters, colluding with Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) and Biden to pass Ukraine funding, and filling his administration with “swamp creators.” Worse, he said Trump “torpedoed the Constitution.”

At the end of his response, Kennedy challenged Trump to a debate where they could settle their differences.

A Pact with Biden?

On May 1, Kennedy called on Biden to take a “no-spoiler” pledge with him. The independent candidate laid out the plan that would require himself and the incumbent president to fund a 50-state poll of over 30,000 people in mid-October. The poll would show who is weaker in a race against Trump and that person would drop out of the race.

Kennedy called for the pledge at a campaign event. He showed the crowd internal polling that allegedly showed he was performing against Trump better than Biden was, declaring the president the real “spoiler” in the race.

The independent candidate is still struggling to get on the ballot in all 50 states. He’s currently only qualified for Michigan, Utah, and California. However, he reportedly has enough signatures to get on the ballot in North Carolina, Hawaii, Nevada, Idaho, New Hampshire, Iowa, and Nebraska. He believes he will eventually qualify for all of the states.

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