Nikki Haley Humiliated by “None of These”

( – To say the Nevada Republican Party primary is a mess would be an understatement. The only person on the ballot in the primary race this year was former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley — and she still got the least amount of votes.

On February 6, the state held the Republican primary with only Haley and “none of these candidates” on the ballot. The second option, “none,” got more votes (62%) than the former UN ambassador (32%). However, technically, Haley won the primary because the title of winner goes to the actual candidate with the most votes, and since she was the only one on the ballot, she won — but she won’t get any delegates.

Haley didn’t even bother to campaign in the Silver State. Her campaign told USA Today that the state was rigged for former President Donald Trump to win. That’s a widespread criticism of what’s happening in Nevada.

That’s because the Nevada Republican Party decided it wasn’t going to participate in the state-run primary. Instead, the party chose to hold a competing contest and made it a caucus instead. Candidates who participated in the primary are prohibited from also being in the Caucus. That means the only person who can actually compete for GOP delegates is Trump.

Confusion spread throughout the state when voters began receiving ballots that didn’t have Trump’s name on them for the state-run primary. ProPublica reported some voters thought the former POTUS was removed from the primary ballot because of the January 6, 2001, attack on the Capitol Building. Others expressed concern about whether they would be allowed to participate in the primary and the caucuses, worried they might be charged with a crime for doing both.

Assemblywoman Danielle Gallant (R) said she spent weeks trying to explain what was happening to her constituency, which consists of primarily older voters. She said she had not “heard anybody who is happy with this unless they are with the state party and the county parties.”

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