No Labels Shows Interest in New Potential Candidate

( – No Labels is a political party that seeks to move beyond the typical partisanship in Washington, DC. It’s working to get on ballots across the country so they can run third-party candidates in November. The national director recently suggested a new possible candidate.

On February 25, No Labels National Director Joe Cunningham appeared on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends Sunday.” He discussed the upcoming presidential election and said the party is “looking for great quality people” that would appeal to Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. He said that former South Carolina Governor “Nikki Haley is somebody [they’d] definitely be interested in.”

Cunningham went on to say the party has currently secured access to the ballots in 16 states. He believes they will be able to get on all 50. No Labels has not indicated who they would run but has previously said a Republican would be at the top of the ticket and a Democrat would be the vice presidential nominee.

In recent months, rumors have swirled that Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) was considering a run as VP. It appears he has decided against running.

Cunningham didn’t name the candidates when asked. He said the party is “talking to a lot of spectacular people right now” but that they weren’t “ready to unveil those folks yet.”

Haley is currently running for the GOP nomination for president. She is losing to former President Donald Trump and will almost certainly fail. Regardless, she has vowed to stay in the race despite her narrow path to victory.

Multiple polls published in early February showed Haley beating the current president in a head-to-head match-up in November. Unless she decides to run as a third-party candidate, she likely won’t ever be on the general election’s ballot. Even if No Labels runs her as their top-of-the-ticket candidate, her path to victory is slim.

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