‘Non-Binary’ Men Storm Women’s Tech Conference

Non-Binary' Men Storm Women's Tech Conference

(UnitedVoice.com) – The Grace Hopper Celebration is a four-day career-building conference for women and nonbinary workers in the tech industry. This year, it was held in Orlando, Florida. But the conference didn’t go the way organizers hoped it would.

The organizers of the event, AnitaB.org, posted a message on LinkedIn revealing the concert was overrun by “self-identifying males.” The statement went on to say that they “believe that make allyship is necessary” but said they “expect every attendee […] to uphold and display the behavior that aligns” with their mission and code of conduct.

Videos of the event posted on social media showed the men who showed up at the event allegedly behaving badly. They were seen cutting in front of women to get interview spots with recruiters. Hundreds of people were in line, many of them men, waiting to get in to meet the recruiting teams from Apple, Google, Amazon, and other companies. Social media users joked that “the Kens had taken over Barbieland.”

NPR reported that Cullen White, the chief impact officer for AnitaB.org, said some of the attendees lied about their gender identities on their registration forms. He reprimanded them, saying that he noticed they were handing out “stacks and stacks of resumes,” thinking they could “take up space to try and get jobs,” but told them to “Stop. Right now. Stop.”

Not everyone had sympathy for the situation the conference organizers found themselves in. One X, formerly Twitter, user said feminists look weak.

Fox News guest Ben Ferguson told the hosts of “Outnumbered” that it was “funny watching a dude yelling about [other] dudes being dudes.” Co-host Emily Compagno said she didn’t feel any sympathy for the women who wanted their own event and asked, “What do you expect?” Co-host Harris Faulkner pointed out that conservatives have been “screaming” about men potentially taking advantage of the loose definitions of gender, and now they have.

AnitaB.org made it clear that they are federally prohibited from barring men from the event.

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