NRA Elects Replacement for Disgraced Ex-President

( – The National Rifle Association (NRA) has been in shambles over the last several years. The former leader of the gun rights organization was accused of spending millions on personal expenses and other luxuries. Now, the board of directors has picked a new president.

On May 20, the NRA announced its board chose former Rep. Bob Barr (R-GA) to serve as the new president and Doug Hamlin as CEO and executive vice president. Barr served in Congress from 1995 to 2003 as a Republican. In 2008, he was the Libertarian Party’s presidential nominee.

Barr thanked everyone for their support, saying he was committed to fighting for the Second Amendment and pledged to grow the organization. He said that’s especially important in the election year.

Hamlin joined the NRA in 2014. He previously served as the executive director of NRA Publications. He’s a former Marine Officer who’s involved in charitable organizations serving veterans. Hamlin was also the publisher of Guns & Ammo magazine and held various other jobs in the publishing industry. He said that he was “truly humbled to be elected” and called it a “decisive moment” when the gun rights of Americans depend on the NRA’s success.

The leadership changes came after Wayne LaPierre resigned earlier this year.

LaPierre was the CEO and executive vice president served from 1991 to 2024. In 2020, New York Attorney General Letitia James filed a civil suit against him and several others within the organization, alleging financial misconduct, fraud, and misuse of donations.

Investigators discovered LaPierre’s wife traveled with a glam squad, and he spent money on jet flights, expensive suits, and other personal items. The jury ruled he misspent more than $5 million and he was ordered to repay $4.3 million. LaPierre resigned from the organization in January.

The NRA Board of Directors also elected Oklahoma Rifle Association President Mark E. Vaughan to serve as second vice president and William A. Bachenberg, a Pennsylvania businessman, to fill the position of first vice president.

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