NRA Prepares for Legal War With Blue State

NRA Prepares for Legal War With Blue State

( – Democrats have a trifecta in New Mexico, meaning they hold the governorship and both legislative chambers. Not only that, but they control both the state Senate and House by a margin of nearly two to one — 27 to 15 and 45 to 24, respectively.

Democrats also control the attorney general’s office and hold all five New Mexico Supreme Court seats. In other words, there are no actual checks and balances in the state when Liberals want to target constitutionally protected rights like those associated with the Second Amendment.

The NRA recently revealed its plans for an all-out legal war with lawmakers in the deep, dark blue state.

NRA Prepares Prepares for Legal War

The NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) has been working tirelessly to push back against Democratic-led efforts to force radical gun control restrictions on New Mexico residents. For instance, on January 8, the group’s attorneys presented oral arguments before the state’s supreme court in a landmark lawsuit aimed at blocking Gov. Michelle Grisham’s (D) use of executive orders to nullify Second Amendment rights using public health concerns as camouflage for her intentions.

Likewise, the NRA-ILA is also pushing back against efforts launched by New Mexico Senators to implement a “California-style” firearm and ammunition tax and a 14-day waiting period on lawful gun purchases, the longest one in the country.

NRA Speaks Out Against New Mexico’s “Extremist Governor”

On January 16, Grisham delivered her sixth State of the State address detailing her legislative goals for this year’s legislative session. Under the guise of protecting public safety, she listed several draconian gun control measures.

For instance, Grisham plans to help lawmakers raise the purchase age of guns to 21, ban assault rifles, prohibit all firearms on playgrounds and in public parks, and increase the criminal penalties imposed on felons caught possessing a gun. Likewise, Grisham said she supports the proposed 14-day waiting period on all gun purchases.

Randy Kozuch, the NRA-ILA’s executive director, recently discussed the brewing situation in New Mexico with Fox News Digital. He accused “extremist governor” Grisham and her Democratic accomplices of unleashing a “barrage of gun control proposals” aimed at punishing law-abiding gun owners “while ignoring” the reprehensive actions of criminals.

Kozuch reminded Fox News that Grisham effectively suspended the Second Amendment in New Mexico last year when she blocked citizens from carrying firearms. “Now, she’s doubling down on her attacks” on gun owners, “effectively torching the Constitution.”

Two New Mexico Republicans Join the Fight

On January 16, state representatives John Block (R-District 51) and Stefani Lord (R-District 22) filed articles of impeachment against Grisham to initiate proceedings to remove her from office.

Block posted a brief statement on his X/Twitter account announcing their decision to introduce the measure for consideration. He accused Grisham of committing “malfeasance in office by flagrantly [violating] her oath of office” to infringe on New Mexico resident’s “inalienable rights.”

Likewise, Lord posted a statement echoing that sentiment. She also noted that the rights of New Mexico residents weren’t “up for debate.” She also vowed to “stand firm against [Grisham’s] tyranny.”

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