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Anti-abortin Bill Passes Senate
Vice-President Pence broke a tied vote for a controversial bill in the Senate last night that gives states the right to revoke funding for Planned Parenthood. The controversial bill, which seeks to overturn legislation put into place by Barack Obama during his time in office, will have a significant...
Judge Denies Stormy Daniels' Motion
The federal judge at the heart of the Stormy Daniels case has refused the porn star’s motion to depose President Trump. Daniels is seeking to end a hush contract she says Trump had her sign after their alleged affair several years ago. The agreement restricts her from speaking about...


Serial Bomber Strikes Again
A package bomber suspected of being responsible for six recent attacks in San Antonio, Texas, has blown himself up. The 24-year-old white male, Mark Anthony Conditt, purposefully triggered a bomb in his car as S.W.A.T. members closed in on him. FBI and S.W.A.T. team members managed to track Conditt...


Trump's New Solar Tariff Confuses Democrats/Liberals
Ah, the sun...lovely. Warm. Powerful. And, more importantly, and almost endless source of “fuel” for the burgeoning renewable energy industry throughout our country. Companies who enter the solar sphere are well set up to make big bucks if they go about it the right way, but up until now,...

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NRA Secrets Revealed
Tragic shooting events that played out in 2018 are driving debate on how to approach safety in schools. Unfortunately, one of the primary arguments we’re seeing is the argument for more restrictions (or even a ban) on guns. Specifically, lobbyists and activists are coming after the National Rifle Association...


Ready to raise your daily vibe even more
We’re in a world that changes from day to day. The political climate is like no other, and the gap between the classes and political affiliations is only getting wider, and sometimes more bizarre. The chaos may be necessary for change to ensue, but it can also make it...