Paraprofessional Arrested For Unspeakably Evil Acts Against Autistic Children

( – An estimated one in 36 children have autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in the US. Parents rely on paraprofessionals to help take care of their kids with the disorder. One woman is accused of torturing kids in her care.

On April 4, Englewood Police in Arapahoe County, Colorado, arrested Kiarra Jones, a 29-year-old paraprofessional. For seven months, Jones worked on a school bus to help children who had special needs, including kids with ASD. According to reports, a video showed her physically abusing kids on their way to a school that helps kids who are on the spectrum.

The video, recorded on March 18, reportedly shows Jones sitting next to a 10-year-old on the bus. She appears to elbow the nonverbal boy in his stomach and then punch him in the face. It also looks like she also stomped on his feet.

An Englewood Police detective reportedly said he reviewed more videos. In that footage, the detective stated that it looked like Jones assaulted two other boys, as well. Those assaults allegedly took place on February 13 and March 1.

Jones is accused of elbowing kids in the face, back, and stomach. She also allegedly flicked them in their faces and pulled their hair. She’s charged with a felony and already posted bond.

Authorities began looking into the case after one of the children’s parents raised concerns about bruising on their child. Because the kids were nonverbal, they weren’t able to tell their parents or anyone else what happened to them. Instead, they were forced to endure the alleged abuse in silence. Parents had been asking for help for months before the district took action.

Attorney Qusair Mohamedbhai, who is representing two of the families, told 9 News that abuse of kids with special needs continues to happen because they are still viewed “as a burden rather than a blessing.” He went on to say that school districts often don’t train paraprofessionals and others who interact with the kids well enough.

April is Autism Awareness Month, you can find more information about ASD by visiting the Cleveland Clinic’s website.

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