Pope Francis Attempts to Deflect from White Flag Controversy

(UnitedVoice.com) – Russia invaded Ukraine more than two years ago. Since that time, Russian President Vladimir Putin has tried to take over the neighboring country. The Ukrainian military has thwarted Russia’s efforts thanks to weapons from the West. Pope Francis recently commented on the conflict, and his comments were widely shared. There are reports that he’s now trying to change the narrative.

In recent days, the pope has been promoting a book, “Life: My Story Through History.” Pope Francis’ book hit the shelves on March 19. He made it clear he has no intention to resign from office. The 87-year-old said he believes his health is good enough to allow him to continue working.

The promotion of the book came days after Pope Francis weighed in on the war and took heat from all sides.

In an interview in early March, the pope discussed the conflict in Ukraine. He repeated the words of a journalist, using the term “white flag.” According to POLITICO, the pope spoke to Swiss broadcaster RSI and said that Ukrainians need to “have the courage to negotiate.”

Pope Francis went on to ask, “How many deaths will” end the war? He said Ukrainian President Volodymyr shouldn’t be “ashamed to negotiate before things get worse.”

Zelenskyy responded to the pope’s remarks, without specifically naming him. He praised the religious leaders in Ukraine who were on the front lines, saying the church was “together with people” not thousands of miles away, “virtually mediating between someone who wants to live and someone who wants to destroy” them.

Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba called on the Vatican to support the people of Ukraine who are fighting to survive. He said they have no intention of raising any flag but the one that “is blue and yellow.” Kuleba made it perfectly clear that Ukrainians “live, die, and triumph” under that flag and would not be raising any others.

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