Prime Minister Announces He’s Stepping Down

( – Ireland has moved to the Left in recent years. The deeply religious country even eased restrictions on abortion. The prime minister, who is often credited with much of the country’s ideological shift, is now stepping down.

On March 20, Leo Varadkar shocked his country by resigning as prime minister. Just days before his announcement, he’d been in the US, visiting President Joe Biden at the White House for St. Patrick’s Day. His resignation also came shortly after voters rejected changes to the constitution supported by his party, Fine Gael. In his announcement, he said he understood the news of his resignation would be a “surprise to many people and a disappointment to some” but hoped they’d come to understand why he made the decision.

The leader explained that he no longer believed he was the right man for the job. Varadkar said his reasons for resigning were both “personal and political.” He was also stepping down as the head of the party.

Varadkar will continue to serve as prime minister until a new one is chosen to lead the country. That should happen before the government goes on Easter break, and the new PM will be ready to go on April 16 when the break is over.

The prime minister was the youngest person ever elected to serve in the position in 2017, at the mere age of 38. He was also the first person of South Asian descent to hold the office and the first gay person to serve.

In 2018, Varadkar oversaw the country’s 2018 referendum that ended the country’s ban on abortion. In 2020, his party was unable to win a majority, so he stepped down and served as deputy prime minister. Then, in 2022, he once again took over as PM.

Ireland is currently dealing with a housing crisis and rising immigration. Far-right extremists have targeted asylum seekers, even rioting in Dublin over plans to provide housing for them. The cost of living on the island is also out of control.

Varadkar said he doesn’t have any other jobs lined up as of now.

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