Putin Ally Found Dead in Suspected Poisoning Incident

Putin Ally Found Dead in Suspected Poisoning Incident

(UnitedVoice.com) – Poisoning appears to be a favorite technique of killers who want to silence an enemy in Russia. The Kremlin has even been accused of using poison to murder people in other nations. One of President Vladimir Putin’s closest allies died in a suspected poisoning, and questions are being raised about her death.

On January 5, Zoya Konovalova was found dead in the Krasnodar region of Russia. The 48-year-old’s body was discovered in her bedroom next to her 52-year-old ex-husband, Andrey Gubatiyka. It’s believed they were dead for at least 24 hours before anyone found them.

Konovalova was the editor-in-chief of the Kuban State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company. A spokesperson for the Russian Investigative Committee told the press that neither she nor her ex-husband had any visible injuries. A report by her own network claimed the preliminary cause of death was poisoning, but it’s not known what substance was used.

A fragment of a plastic bag was allegedly found in the house, and it reportedly had a powdery substance on it. However, people who knew Konovalova said there was no way she was doing drugs.

Konovalova has led her network’s digital editorial office for the last year. She and her ex shared an adult son and a teenage daughter. They were not injured.

The editor-in-chief’s death came days after Alexander Rybin, another Russian journalist, was found dead in the Rostov region that borders Ukraine. His body was discovered near a highway near the city of Shakhty. His cause of death is not yet known.

Several journalists and top media officials have died since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. It’s not clear if the Ukrainian military is suspected of playing a part in the deaths of Konovalova, Rybin, or any of the media figures. Neither Russia nor Ukraine has commented on the most recent deaths.

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