Putin Gives Biden His Endorsement

(UnitedVoice.com) – Considering the serious doubts about President Biden’s fitness to serve a second term, and his catastrophic polling, you’d think he’d be grateful for all the support he can get. However, Biden has just received an endorsement he would probably be happier to have missed. Vladimir Putin has just said Biden’s re-election would be better for Russia.

Talking to state broadcaster Rossiya 1 on February 13, Putin told the interviewer that Biden is more experienced and predictable, and “a politician of the old school.” He also defended the president from concerns about his declining mental abilities, claiming he “saw nothing” to suggest Biden is mentally incompetent — although he did admit their last meeting was “a few years ago.”

The autocratic leader, who is almost certain to be re-elected in next month’s election (especially as his main rival Alexei Navalny has just conveniently died in jail), said Biden’s brain was less of a worry than the US government’s “extremely harmful and erroneous” attitude toward Russia.

On February 14, the White House pushed back against Putin’s endorsement, saying he should “stay out of America’s elections.” The Russian’s comments will be a worry to the administration, because if Putin believes it’s in his interests to have Biden (or his even more unpopular deputy, Kamala Harris) in office for the next four years, a lot of American voters are going to wonder why he thinks so. Putin has been extremely aggressive throughout Biden’s presidency, cracking down on his political opponents and launching his invasion of Ukraine.

Of course, it’s just as likely Putin doesn’t actually want Biden re-elected, and one expert has already warned that his comments are likely to be an attempt to damage the president’s chances in November. Either way, the Russian leader’s endorsement isn’t going to help Biden recover his fading hopes of a second term.

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