Rep. Jackson Lee Under Fire for Impeachment Comment

Rep. Jackson Lee Under Fire for Impeachment Comment

( – House Republicans on the Homeland Security Committee moved articles of impeachment forward against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on January 31. The move comes as Mayorkas is negotiating with lawmakers on a border security bill. One Democratic congresswoman is under fire for remarks she made about the GOP impeachment.

The day before the impeachment vote, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) objected to it during a hearing and on social media. She posted a message on X, formerly Twitter, and declared, “Impeachment is not meant as a tool to be used for revenge.” The congresswoman, who recently lost the mayoral race in Houston, shared a video of herself talking about the issue.

Conservatives criticized the congresswoman for her remarks. Aaron Ray Hermes, a GOP congressional candidate running for her seat, demanded to know why Democrats impeached former President Donald Trump after he called the Ukrainian president.

Another X user laughed at the irony of Lee’s statement, “Haha! Says the Impeachment Democratic Party.”

Other users also pointed out how funny it was that Lee made the statement considering that Democrats impeached Trump twice. Others pointed out that it’s supposed to be a tool used to safeguard the country’s democracy.

The articles of impeachment were sent to the full House, where Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-LA) will have to bring them to the floor for a full vote. Although there are many supporters of Mayorkas’ impending impeachment in the House, the Senate GOP isn’t thrilled about it.

Several Senate Republicans have criticized the House because Johnson said any bipartisan immigration bill was dead on arrival without seeing the bill. Former President Donald Trump is allegedly calling on the GOP to kill the bill so he can run on the issue, though he denies this. Other Conservatives have said they don’t want to give President Joe Biden a win during an election year.

Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC), one of the Republicans working on the bill, called the Mayorkas impeachment saga a “parallel” to what else is happening with the immigration bill. He said the House is “torpedoing a bill whose contents they haven’t seen yet,” meanwhile, they are “targeting a member of the administration without doing their homework to find precisely why he should be impeached.”

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