Republican Attorneys General Unite to Blast Democratic Plan

( – Democrats are trying to outmaneuver the Second Amendment and choke off Americans’ right to bear arms by restricting the supply of ammunition. A group of liberal attorneys general is pressuring the White House’s gun control team to end commercial sales from a government-owned ammo factory. Now, every Republican AG in the country is united in opposing the plan.

Since 1941, Lake City Army Ammunition Plant (LCAAP) in Independence, Missouri, has been producing vast quantities of small arms ammunition in standard NATO rifle and machine gun calibers. The largest supplier of ammunition to the US military, it’s owned by the federal government, but has been operated by a succession of commercial companies since it opened.

Right now, Winchester Ammunition runs it on behalf of the government. As part of Winchester’s contract with the US Army, it has to maintain the capacity to produce 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition a year — and, also according to the contract, it’s allowed to sell ammunition on the civilian market to finance the workforce needed to meet huge military orders.

Since 2022, the Biden Administration has been threatening to ban LCAAP from selling 5.56mm NATO ammunition — the caliber used by popular AR15-style sporting rifles — to civilians. So far, he hasn’t actually gone ahead with that threat. But, after The New York Times published an article claiming that “military grade ammunition” (which, unlike civilian sporting ammunition, has to comply with international law on expanding bullets) had been linked to mass shootings, 20 Democrat AGs then wrote to Biden and the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention calling for a halt on commercial ammo sales by LCAAP.

Now, Missouri AG Andrew Bailey and all 27 of his Republican colleagues have written their own letter. They’re asking Biden to ignore the Democrat demand, which they say contains “a litany of errors,” as well as reminding him of the rights protected by the Second Amendment and pointing out that a ban on commercial sales of 5.56mm ammo — which is the vast majority of what LCAAP produces — would mean the loss of 500 to 700 jobs at the plant. They also said that, without those workers, the plant won’t be able to meet the Army’s required 1.6 billion round production target. If the Democrats win this one, someday, our troops could go into harm’s way with no ammo for their rifles.

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