Republican Senator Makes Shocking Claim About Ukraine’s Chances of Victory

Republican Senator Makes Shocking Claim About Ukraine's Chances of VIctory

( – Republicans and Democrats in Congress are currently battling it out over voting for more aid to Ukraine. The vast majority of elected officials believe the US should continue helping the war-torn country because not doing so could lead to a larger war in Eastern Europe if Russian President Vladimir Putin feels emboldened to attack another nation. However, there’s a group of Conservatives who think the US should stop funding Ukraine because the US has its own problems.

One senator has now declared Ukraine can’t win the war.

No Winners

In May 2022, Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) announced he supported a bill to help fund Ukraine’s effort to fight Russia. He said that “Putin’s naked aggression cannot be tolerated or rewarded by indifference by Western democracies.” He said the toll the war took on the humans involved was “already incalculable” and that it would take hundreds of billions of dollars to help rebuild Ukraine.

By March 2023, the senator had a change of heart. He spoke to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and expressed doubt over the impact of America continuing to send aid to the invaded nation. He said the war was a “lose-lose-lose for everybody” and called for the sides to start negotiating.

Months later, Johnson feels the same way.

On December 12, Johnson appeared on Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show. During the conversation, he said President Joe Biden’s push for Ukraine to win is a “fool’s errand.” The senator said the Ukrainians don’t have a strategy to win because they can’t win. He believes the only way they could pull it off is by “lobbing missiles into Moscow to reduce Russia’s support for the war,” but Ukraine can’t do that.

Johnson went on to allege the Pentagon knows that Ukraine has already lost and now there’s “a bloody stalemate.” Every day, more people die in the country, and more of its land is ruined. He explained that the war “should be brought to an end.”

Can Ukraine Win?

When the war began, Putin and experts believed Ukraine would fall quickly. Coming up on two years later, the country, which is led by a former television comedian, is still hanging on. As to Johnson’s belief that Ukraine can’t win, experts believe that will be the case if the US stops funding the war.

The Institute for the Study of War published a report in November that said if the West cuts off funding for Ukraine, Putin will succeed. The author of the report, Frederick W. Kagan, said there’s a stalemate right now, but it isn’t a stable one, and it could be tipped in either direction depending on what the West does.

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