Republican Supermajority Overrides Governor’s Veto

( – Ohio Governor Mike DeWine (R) shocked lawmakers in his state when he vetoed a bill dealing with transgender minors. Legislators vowed to override his veto. Now, two weeks later, that’s exactly what happened.

On January 10, House Republicans overrode DeWine’s veto on a bill that prohibited transgender athletes’ participation on sports teams at school and gender-affirming medical care for minors. Lawmakers voted 65-28 to override the veto. The bill is now headed to the Senate, where three-fifths of lawmakers will have to override it there.

Senate President Matt Huffman (R) said his chamber has the votes to override the veto. If he’s right, it will make Ohio the 23rd state to restrict transgender care for people under the age of 18 and the 25th state to prohibit the participation of transgender athletes. The bill would ban hormone therapy, puberty blockers, and surgery for minors if they weren’t receiving that treatment before the bill becomes effective.

Although DeWine vetoed the legislation, he announced an executive order in early January that severely limits transgender healthcare. The executive order prohibits transition surgeries for anyone under the age of 18.

The governor also wants to restrict adults from receiving hormone replacement therapy drugs unless they have a team of doctors sign off on it. An endocrinologist, psychiatrist, and a bioethicist have to approve the therapy. The Ohio American Civil Liberties Union called the requirements a “de facto ban on care for transgender youth and adults.”

The civil rights organization claimed the governor’s proposals might “threaten the lives and well-being of transgender youth and adults” across the state. The statement said it’s an effort to control the lives, bodies, and futures of transgender individuals in the state. They said the decision should be left to doctors, not politicians.

If the restrictions, both from the governor’s proposals and the law, would make Ohio the state with the strictest transgender laws in the country.

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