RFK Jr. Issues Apology Over Sketchy Super Bowl Ad

(UnitedVoice.com) – More than 202 million Americans tuned in to watch at least part of the NFL’s Super Bowl LVII on February 11. As is always the case, the massive audience made it the perfect place for those who wanted to get their messages and advertisements out to the American people. Those ads came at a hefty price of $7 million for 30 seconds.

A super PAC supporting Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) Jr., an independent presidential candidate, purchased one of the spots. The ad it decided to run angered his family. The presidential candidate was forced to apologize for it.

The Ad

RFK Jr. has repeatedly invoked the Kennedy Family nostalgia during his campaign, first while running as a Democrat and now as an Independent. It’s not hard to understand why. His family was once considered political royalty in the United States. RFK Jr’s uncle was former President John F. Kennedy. His father, RFK Sr., served as his uncle’s attorney general until his assassination, then as a senator, and finally as a presidential candidate. He was killed while on the campaign trail.

The advertisement that ran on Super Bowl Sunday tried to capture all the nostalgia the American people might feel about his family. In fact, it was a remake of a 1960 advertisement his uncle, JFK, ran during his presidential campaign. The original was such a good ad that it’s reportedly still memorable more than 60 years later.

Here is the original ad:

The following is the ad supporting RFK Jr.:

Outrage and Apology Follow Airing

Bobby Shriver, Eunice Shriver’s son, spoke out against the ad on X, formerly Twitter. He said the ad used his mother’s and uncle’s faces. Shriver went on to state his late mom, who was the sister of JFK and RFK Sr., would have been “appalled” by RFK Jr’s “deadly health care views.”

Maria Shriver shared her brother’s statement, an indication she felt the same way about her cousin’s ad.

Robert Shrum, an adviser to the Kennedy family, told The New York Times that RFK Jr. keeps doing the same thing and that his father and uncle, former Senator Ted Kennedy, “went out of their way not to exploit [JFK’s] memory and loss” when they ran for political office.

RFK Jr. issued an apology to his family, saying the American Values Super PAC created it, and he was not involved. Still, he pinned it to his X profile.

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