RFK Jr. Officially Qualifies for the Ballot in First State

RFK Jr. Officially Qualifies for the Ballot in First State

(UnitedVoice.com) – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. originally announced he was running for president under the Democratic Party’s banner. It quickly became apparent that Liberals were not supporting RFK Jr. the same way they had his dad, former Attorney General RFK, and his uncle, former President John F. Kennedy. He switched parties and is currently running as an independent. Now, he has met the requirements to be on at least one state ballot.

RFK Jr. is facing an uphill battle to get his name on the presidential ballots in all 50 states. In December, the super PAC that supports his candidacy announced it would spend up to $15 million to further that effort. In Utah, he recently submitted the 1,000 verified signatures needed to get on the ballot there.

In a press release on January 3, RFK Jr stated that his campaign’s team in Utah “pulled off an incredible achievement by collecting thousands of signatures in just one week.” He held a news conference on the same day and made it clear that he intends to continue his goal of getting on every state’s ballot.

Stefanie Spear, a spokesperson for the campaign, said she expects Arizona to be the next state. The Grand Canyon State is a swing state and could decide the outcome of the election.

RFK Jr. is running on a promise to spoil the election for former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden. In November, POLITICO reported a poll showed the former Democrat could receive 22% of the vote in a three-way race. If that were to happen, the poll showed Trump winning 36% and Biden winning 39%, meaning he could cause the GOP candidate to lose.

Republicans have expressed concern that RFK Jr. could pull votes away from Trump in critical battleground states and hand the election to Biden. Republicans told Vanity Fair it’s “a big concern.”

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