RFK Jr.’s VP Pick is Bad News for Biden

(UnitedVoice.com) – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. originally ran for president as a Democrat. It became clear really quickly that the party was not going to support his effort. Now, he’s running as an independent candidate without any party backing him, and his choice for a vice presidential running mate could be bad news for President Joe Biden.

On March 26, RFK Jr. held a press conference in Oakland, California, and announced Nicole Shanahan as his running mate. The tech philanthropist is not well-known across the country, but she has donated a lot of money to the former Democrat’s presidential aspirations. Shanahan was responsible for helping bankroll the Super Bowl ad that garnered so much attention.

In February, Shanahan spoke to The New York Times and said she supported Kennedy because of his anti-vaccine stance. However, she claimed she was not against these procedures, but wanted there to “be a space to have these conversations.”

Shanahan has donated to the Democratic Party for more than a decade. She’s an advocate for green policies, telling the Times that she believes there’s “an environmental health crisis in this country.” She has worked with the Sergey Brin Family Foundation, which funds left-leaning political organizations. Shanahan also founded and runs the Bia-Echo Foundation, which focuses on criminal justice reform, reproductive rights, and environmental projects.

In other words, Shanahan is a far-left powerhouse with many connections within the Democratic Party, which could pose a threat to President Joe Biden. For months, the conversation about RFK Jr.’s candidacy focused on how he threatened former President Donald Trump because his propensity for sharing conspiracy theories is not something most Democrats support, but in recent weeks, the discussions have shifted.

The 2024 race will almost certainly be decided by thousands of votes in a few key states. Biden is very unpopular these days, and running against someone like Shanahan could be the final nail in his second term’s coffin.

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