Russia Faces Alleged Counter-Invasion

( – Russia invaded Ukraine more than two years ago. The fighting has largely stayed in Ukraine, though there have been missile strikes into Russian territory. Reports now indicate President Vladimir Putin might be facing a counter-invasion.

According to reports, Ukrainian-backed militias have allegedly launched multiple attacks on Russian border regions. On March 12, the groups claimed to have launched incursions into Russia with armored vehicles and tanks. They reportedly crossed into the Belgorod and Kursk regions.

The Free Russia Legion, which is made up of mostly Russians who are fighting for Ukraine, reportedly posted a video on social media showing it was moving tanks into Russia. The group also posted a video showing a Russian military vehicle destroyed. The Legion stated it was working with the Siberian Battalion and the Russian Volunteer Corps. The groups claimed it took control of one of the border villages.

ABC News reported that the Russian Defense Ministry and Federal Security Service (FSB) confirmed the reports about the incursions but claimed that the fighters failed in their efforts. The agency said the Ukrainian fighters tried to get into Russia, but they were “repulsed” when they suffered heavy casualties. More than 100 Ukrainian fighters were allegedly killed. The FSB also said the Russian military destroyed “six tanks, a Cesar self-propelled gun, [and] 20 armored combat vehicles.”

Kursk Governor Roman Starovoyt told reporters there was a battle in his region that led to a shootout. But he said the larger incursion was stopped. Because of the attack, schools in Kursk switched to online classes to try to keep students safe from the Ukrainian militants, should they try again.

In addition to the attacks by the militias, the Ukrainian military carried out a series of drone strikes. The Russian Defense Ministry announced it shot down 26 drones over seven regions. Some of the Ukrainian drones were able to make it deep inside Russia before being destroyed.

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