Russia Launches Massive Aerial Attack, Largest of War So Far

Russia Launches Massive Aerial Attack, Largest of War So Far

( – February will mark the two-year anniversary of the Russian war against Ukraine. After months of fighting and tens of thousands of losses, neither side appears ready to give up the fight. In fact, Russia killed nearly two dozen people in a recent attack.

Russian Aerial Assault

As 2023 wrapped up, Russia launched a massive attack on Ukraine. According to reports, the assault lasted from overnight on December 28 and into December 29. The Russian military fired a barrage of missiles into Ukraine over a period of about 18 hours.

Ukrainian officials reported that the assault included at least 36 drones and 122 missiles. The invading forces hit six cities, including the capital, Kyiv. Military Chief Valerii Zaluzhnyi told the press that Ukraine was able to intercept 87 missiles and stopped 27 drones. Still, the assault left at least 29 Ukrainians dead, and nearly 90 people suffered injuries.

Fox News reported Mykola Oleshchuk, Ukraine’s Air Force commander, said the assault was “the most massive aerial attack” since Russia invaded nearly two years ago. The last comparable assault happened in November 2022, when Russian forces launched 96 missiles in a single barrage.

The Russian missiles didn’t just hit military targets, they also hit civilian areas — a common theme throughout this war. Schools, a maternity hospital, and apartment blocks were all damaged in the attacks.

More Missiles Mark the New Year

Days after the massive assault, Russia launched more missiles into Ukraine. In the early morning hours of Tuesday, January 2, loud explosions were heard in Kyiv. The Washington Post reported that Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko said 49 people suffered injuries, and one woman died due to a fire at a high-rise building caused by the missile attack. He also said some of the areas in the capital were cut off from water and electricity.

General Zaluzhnyi informed the press that Ukraine shot down about three-quarters of the missiles fired on Tuesday with the help of the Patriot defense system. That included all 10 of the hypersonic missiles Russia allegedly fired at them. Yuriy Inhat, a spokesperson for Ukraine’s Air Force said Russia was using substantial resources.

Ukraine Fights Back

After the missile strikes on Tuesday, Ukraine fired into Belgorod, Russia. The strikes killed at least one man. That followed a similar retaliatory attack on Saturday. Kyiv authorized missile strikes on Belgorod and killed at least 24 people, and five more people were killed on New Year’s Day.

Russian President Putin vowed revenge on Ukraine, saying his military was going to “intensify the strikes.”

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