Schiff Welcomed to San Francisco With Car Break-In

( – Although crime has decreased in San Francisco over the last year, it’s still a major problem in the city of more than 800,000 people. Rep. Adam Schiff learned that the hard way.

On Thursday, April 25, Schiff was in San Francisco to attend a fundraiser for his US Senate campaign. The congressman thanked attorney Joe Cotchett, a powerhouse attorney, for supporting his campaign. Schiff didn’t look like the rest of the attendees of the fancy event, though. They were all in suits and gowns, but the lawmaker was wearing a long-sleeved shirt and a vest.

Schiff told the San Francisco Chronicle that his clothing was stolen. He’d been in the city for a few days, and his vehicle was parked in a downtown garage. While it was there, someone broke into it and stole his luggage.

“Yes, they took my bags,” Schiff said.

Fox News reported Cotchett’s press agent, Lee Housekeeper, made a joke about the crime in the city, saying the theft was Schiff’s “Welcome to San Francisco.”

Schiff’s office refused to make any further comments about the break-in.

The incident was an example of what people deal with all too often in the Democratic-run city. Although the frequency of car break-ins is down, reporting indicates there were still more than 900 in the month of February alone.

San Francisco isn’t the only city that continues to deal with crimes. In Washington, DC, another city controlled by Democrats, Mike Gill, an ex-official of former Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump’s administration, was shot during a violent carjacking just blocks from the White House. He clung to life for a few days before his family removed him from life support. The suspect in his murder killed another man as well. The suspect later died after getting into a shoot-out with police.

Trump and other Republicans are running on tough-on-crime platforms in November, hoping Americans are fed up and want change.

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