Senate Candidate Swaps Sides, Turns on Democratic Party

Senate Candidate Swaps Sides, Turns on Democratic Party

( – Manuel Gonzales III served as Bernalillo County Sheriff in New Mexico from 2014 through 2022. He ran for mayor of Albuquerque in 2021 but lost the race. Now, he’s ditching the Democratic Party and running for office as a Republican.

On January 10, Gonzales announced he was running for the US Senate. He said he hopes to “bring New Mexican values to Washington.” In an interview with Fox News Digital, the former Democrat said his former party has moved too far to the left on most issues for his comfort. He also explained that he thought that running as a Republican would allow him the opportunity to gain more support from constituents and bring “positive changes” to New Mexico.

Gonzales has held Republican positions in the past. He made headlines in 2020 during the national health crisis when he refused to enforce stay-at-home orders, arguing that it violated the constitutional rights of residents. Moreover, he said some of the politicians in the state were “turning everyday citizens into villains.”

According to Gonzales’ campaign website, he wouldn’t just bring his experience as a public servant and sheriff to the Senate, he also spent more than 20 years as a private business owner and 12 as a CEO. He accused Senator Martin Heinrich (D-NM) of aiding in the “lawlessness” of President Joe Biden’s terrible border policies. He also accused the incumbent senator of allowing the “state to be riddled with crime and low education outcomes.”

Gonzales wants to be a senator for the entire state, not just partisans. He also wants to bring “common sense solutions to our Country and State’s problems.”

On the issues, Gonzales wants tougher policies at the US border with Mexico, combat the crime that is overwhelming communities, fight against the threat of China, and put jobs for residents of New Mexico first.

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