Senator Slams Biden Over Political Prosecutions

( – Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is widely viewed as one of the candidates on former President Donald Trump’s vice presidential shortlist. The lawmaker recently appeared on CNN to discuss the presidential race. During the interview, he accused President Joe Biden of political prosecutions.

On July 7, Rubio sat down for an interview with CNN “State of the Union” host Dana Bash. She asked the senator about the recent Supreme Court ruling granting Trump immunity for official acts while in office but not personal ones.

Bash asked Rubio about his remarks during Trump’s second impeachment trial when he said, “Let history and, if necessary, the courts judge the events of the past.” She asked him if he was comfortable with the Supreme Court not allowing lower courts to do that. Rubio said he wasn’t comfortable with Biden targeting “political opponents.”

The senator went on to say that when Trump was president, he couldn’t think of any Democrats who were “chased around, persecuted, [and] prosecuted.” He said it was “funny” that the Democratic Party keeps “warning about all the horrible things” Trump might do, but they’re “ones that have been going after their political opponents.” Bash told Rubio there was no evidence the president was targeting his political rivals, saying the Department of Justice is also prosecuting Democrats, including Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ).

Rubio claimed that the DOJ was only targeting Democrats who don’t do everything they want. He also said the Left has tried to silence, bankrupt, and jail Trump. Bash pointed to Trump’s statements where he pledged to go after Biden and his family, saying the president has never made statements like that.

The senator responded, saying Trump really means that he is going to get his revenge by making “America great again” and undoing Democratic policies. He reiterated that Trump was president before and didn’t target former President Barack Obama, Biden, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, or anyone connected to them.

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