She’s Back AGAIN: Marianne Williamson Joins Race for the Third Time

( – Marianne Williamson is an author and spiritual leader who joined the Democratic primary last year. She has left the race multiple times. The candidate has now decided to join the race again.

On July 6, Williamson appeared on Fox News to speak to Neil Cavuto. During the interview, she said she was unsuspending her campaign because of President Joe Biden’s debate performance last month. The Democratic candidate said that the party has to make a change if they want to win in the fall.

Williamson explained that Biden might have won in 2020, but the people who voted for him did so before his disastrous debate performance. She told Cavuto there was an “emergency” in the Democratic Party and they “need to handle it quickly.” The author wants the party to hold a “mini-primary” so that the delegates, not the “party elites,” can choose the candidate. She called on the Democratic National Committee to hold an “open convention” over the summer.

The Democratic candidate used to be Oprah Winfrey’s spiritual adviser. She originally launched her campaign in March 2023 but ended it just under a year later on February 7, 2024. At the time, her campaign was in debt and had a difficult time raising money. She rejoined the campaign on February 28, just weeks after she dropped out. The author told ABC News that she unsuspended her campaign because she wanted to bring progressive ideals to the campaign trail but didn’t want to focus on beating Biden.

Williamson remained in the race for a few months but dropped out again in early June. She didn’t win any delegates during the primaries. She was chosen as an alternative candidate in some places where voters opposed the president.

The candidate told Cavuto that Biden should step aside with “respect and compassion.” She also believes Democrats should be having conversations about the issues to counter Trump’s “hotbed of grievances.”

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