She’s Back: Democrat Marianne Williamson Returns to Challenge Biden

( – Marianne Williamson suspended her campaign for the Democratic nomination on February 7. Her decision came one day after President Joe Biden defeated her in the Nevada primary. She has now announced that she is jumping back into the race.

On February 28, Williamson announced she was relaunching her campaign for the Democratic nomination. She posted a video on X, formerly Twitter, saying that she originally suspended her campaign because she “was losing the horse race,” but said there’s too much at stake. The Democrat claimed former President Donald Trump is a “fascist” and he’s “standing at the door.”

Williamson went on to say she didn’t think Biden would be able to offer anything to “defeat the fascist.”

The Michigan primary showed cracks in Biden’s campaign. Michigan has a large Arab American and Muslim population. The president’s support of Israel in its conflict with Hamas is hurting the Democrat. Williamson latched onto that in a series of posts on X, saying she has long supported a ceasefire in the region, not just in recent months but dating back to before the newest conflict.

Williamson said that Americans should make it clear to Biden that he needs to change his position on Israel if he wants to receive their support in the general election. That was on full display in the Michigan primary, where “uncommitted” won more than 13% of the vote. But Williamson also said Americans should demand economic, environmental, criminal, and racial justice, MedicareForAll, free college and tech school, a living wage, housing, ending the War on Drugs, and restoration of the middle class.

Democrats might be a little bit harder to convince. Williamson has not done well in the primary races thus far. She received 3% of the vote in Nevada, 4% in New Hampshire, and 2% in South Carolina. She restarted her campaign after she got 3% of the vote in Michigan.

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