Shocking New Law Proposes Military Training for Children

( – The Chinese government has poured money into its military in recent years. The country has developed more advanced weapons, expanded its influence across the globe, and repeatedly threatened the US and other countries. A new report indicates the Communist government has drafted legislation that would indoctrinate children.

Communist Youth

A report in Nikkei Asia claims a draft version of the National Defense Education Law allegedly states that its goal is to teach every Chinese citizen the “theory, knowledge and skills” needed for the defense of the country. That means elementary school children will be required to learn about the military while learning their shapes and colors.

Under the revised version of the law, the Communist Party will force middle school-aged kids to learn basic military skills and knowledge. When the children reach high school and college, they will have to undergo military training. The People’s Liberation Army will guide the training and education, but local governments will have to include the costs in their budget.

Universities, state agencies, and organizations that violate the law would be held accountable.

The Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress has already read the first draft of the law and now the public has an opportunity to comment on it. Of course, the government has such a stranglehold on the citizenry, that it’s highly unlikely there will be mass opposition to the legislation.

Military Camps Already Exist

This isn’t the first report indicating China is forcing elementary kids to learn about military service. A 2023 report stated the Chinese government was starting to train children as early as 7 years old in order to create an “iron army.” They were specifically targeting young athletes and forcing them to study the country’s “sense of standards” and “combat spirit.”

He Youxiao, the coach of the men’s gymnastics team, declared, “No matter how old or young, everybody deeply cherishes this opportunity.”

A video circulated on the internet that showed little kids stabbing scarecrows that were made to look like enemy forces. They were shown firing rifles and what looked like a grenade launcher.

The country also has extreme boot camps that allow parents to send their kids off to learn about the military. They take part in wilderness activities, learn discipline, and are often injured by the activities that staff members force the kids to participate in. One kid fell off of a wall and fractured multiple bones. While it was a horrifying experience for the child and his parents, it was, apparently, just another day in the country’s effort to indoctrinate its children.

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