State Senator Arrested for Burglary

( – When someone dies, it can cause problems for those left behind. Heirs often get into arguments over assets. Sometimes, those disagreements lead to crimes. The death of a state senator’s father and his ashes allegedly pushed one lawmaker over the edge — and led to an attempted burglary.

On April 22, police officers in Becker County, Minnesota, responded to a call about a burglary at 4:45 a.m. and arrested state Senator Nicole Mitchell (D). The Democratic lawmaker broke into her stepmother’s house and attempted to take some of her late father’s belongings. According to the complaint, officers found the lawmaker in Carol Mitchell’s basement “dressed in all black clothing and a black hat.” They also found a flashlight near her that she’d allegedly covered with a black sock.

Police officers discovered an open sliding window in the basement that had a black backpack stuck in it. It contained a cell phone, Mitchell’s driver’s license and Senate identification, two laptops, and Tupperware.

After officers read Mitchell her Miranda Rights, they said she explained what happened. The senator claimed her dad, Roderick Mitchell, recently died and afterward, Carol stopped speaking to anyone in the family. She wanted some of her dad’s belongings, including his ashes, a flannel shirt, and photos, but said her stepmother refused to give anything to her.

Roderick Mitchell passed away in March 2023 at the age of 72. He didn’t have a will when he died, so everything went to the senator’s stepmother. An officer asked her what brought her to the point she was at, and she reportedly said her dad’s ashes.

Police charged the senator with first-degree burglary. She’s facing a sentence of six months in a workhouse to 20 years in prison. She could also receive a fine of up to $35,000.

Mitchell’s arrest was bad news for Democrats. The party holds a one-seat majority in the state Senate and without Mitchell, the Left won’t be able to pass any legislation without the support of at least one Republican. There’s no indication Mitchell intends to step down.

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