Stormy Daniels Ex-Lawyer Drops Bombshell on Trump Case

( – Stephanie “Stormy Daniels” Clifford recently testified in the Manhattan case against former President Donald Trump. The press eagerly reported on her testimony. However, something else happened that didn’t get as much traction as the torrid details of her alleged one-night stand with the former POTUS. Before she took the stand, her former attorney, Michael Avenatti, dropped a bombshell from behind bars.

Star Witness Committed Crimes?

On May 7, Avenatti posted a message on X, formerly Twitter, detailing his refusal to participate in a Peacock documentary about Clifford titled “Stormy.” The disgraced attorney is currently serving a 14-year sentence for tax fraud and stealing from his clients, including the former adult film star. He claimed that the producer of the documentary, Sarah Gibson, reached out to him in prison.

According to Avenatti, Gibson wanted to know if he would like to participate in the documentary. He said the first thing he wanted to know was whether Clifford was being paid for it because if she was, then he didn’t think it would be a fair, unbiased documentary. He claimed that’s when the producer admitted to a crime.

Avenatti alleges Gibson told him that Clifford was being paid for her participation. However, because she owed former President Donald Trump hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees, she and others “came up with a plan that would allow [Clifford] to be secretly paid” and hid the money from the former president and his attorneys.

The disgraced lawyer said Gibson told him that she “optioned” the rights to Clifford’s book and then sent the payments to Clifford through a trust that was set up in the former porn star’s daughter’s name. Avenatti said the conversation was all captured on a recorded line, though nobody has publicly verified the tape exists.

Avenatti continued, saying he turned down the offer to work on the documentary. He said he was shocked by what the producer said to him, alleging Clifford committed “falsification of business records, wire fraud, and fraudulent transfers” to try to hide the money from Trump.

Not Paying Him

Clifford confirmed that during her testimony at the Manhattan trial. She admitted she owed him $560,000 and has not paid any of it. When Trump’s attorney pressed her on the issue, she said she was choosing to pay her bills instead of paying him while an appeal went through.

The money stems from a defamation suit Clifford filed against Trump. The lawsuit was dismissed and she was ordered to pay his legal fees.

Gibson has not responded to the allegations made by Avenatti.

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