Too Close for Comfort: Russian Navy Passes Just Miles From US Mainland

( – The Russian military has made close passes to the US in the past. Generally, it’s something that happens off the coast of Alaska, where the two countries are separated by just 55 miles at their closest point. Recently, the US was shocked when the Russian military approached America off of the coast of Florida.

Russia Gets Too Close

On Tuesday, June 11, a Russian navy flotilla passed by the US approximately 30 miles off the coast of Florida, which is home to the US Central Command (CENTCOM). The Russian Defense Ministry released a statement saying the country sent three ships to the Caribbean for military exercises.

According to Russia, the ships sent to the Caribbean included a nuclear-powered submarine and a hypersonic-capable frigate. The large-scale military drills began on Tuesday. They include the vessels and aircraft. When the submarine passed by the US, Russian officials said that it was simulating an attack on a group of enemy ships. The Russian Defense Ministry said the exercises included practicing the use of “high-precision missile weapons using computer-simulated naval targets” but said no actual missiles were launched.

The Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces confirmed last week that the Russian ships were set to arrive on June 12 and stay for a week.

Multiple US officials told the Miami Herald that Russia could travel to Venezuela. President Joe Biden’s administration believes the Russian exercises will end in a large worldwide naval exercise that includes deployments from the Caribbean to the South Pacific.

US Deploys Ships

US officials have said the Russian ships were close to the US while passing through. However, they stressed that they stayed in international waters the entire time and confirmed the US was “monitoring the ships’ paths closely.”

The US Navy deployed aircraft and warships to track the Russian vessels. According to USNI News, there is a P-8A Poseidon anti-submarine aircraft and at least three US guided-missile missile destroyers protecting the US mainland while the Russians are in the region.

The Pentagon would not confirm the total number of military aircraft and vessels deployed to track the ships.

An unnamed defense official spoke to about the US response and said that it was “standard procedure.” They went on to say that the US Northern Command has been conducting “operations to ensure the defense of the United States and Canada.”

When the Russian ships leave Cuba, the Canadian military is set to arrive in Havana’s port. They are going to celebrate the 50th anniversary of ties with the communist country.

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