Top Democratic Strategist Suggests Biden Should Drop Out

Top Democratic Strategists Suggests Biden Should Drop Out

( – David Axelrod is not a political novice. When he was just 13 years old, he campaigned for Robert F. Kennedy by selling campaign buttons. In 1985, after working as a political writer for years, Axelrod opened a political consulting firm. For the next two decades, he built a reputation as a Democratic strategist. Then, in 2008, he began working for then-Senator Barack Obama.

Axelrod became known as the man behind Obama’s winning political strategies in 2008 and 2012. He also worked at the White House alongside the 44th president and then-Vice President Joe Biden. A decade later, Axelrod is still heavily involved in politics, and recently, he made a controversial remark about Biden’s reelection campaign.

Don’t Run, Biden?

On November 5, Axelrod took to X, formerly Twitter, to express some concerns about Biden’s reelection campaign. He shared a screenshot of a poll from Sienna College and The New York Times showing former President Donald Trump beating the incumbent president in five out of the six battleground states. Many political experts have said the race is going to be incredibly close. Losing five battle states would eviscerate Biden’s chances of winning.

Axelrod said Biden’s aides have said he’s definitely running next year. Obama’s former strategist went on to say he had some concerns that are “not ‘bed-wetting, but legitimate” worries. He explained his biggest worry about the president running again is that his age isn’t something that he can change. Biden will be 81 years old this month and is currently the oldest serving president in history. Axelrod pointed out that “the age arrow only points in one direction.”

Axelrod concluded his multiple message post by saying Biden will have to decide whether to drop out. If the president doesn’t bow out of the race, he’ll be the party’s nominee. And he has to decide “whether that is wise” and in his and America’s best interest.

The Democratic strategist’s post quickly went viral. POLITICO reported Axelrod said people are “overreacting” by saying that he told Biden “to drop out.” He claimed he “didn’t do that.”

America Unhappy With Biden

While Axelrod’s remarks might have been taken the wrong way, according to him, it wouldn’t be the first time a Democrat has said Biden shouldn’t run. A Reuters/Ipsos poll showed Biden’s approval rating is at just 39%. In late October, a Gallup poll showed his approval among Democrats had fallen 11 points from where it was in September.

Although Biden’s aides don’t want to hear it, the president might just cost Democrats the election. That is ultimately what Axelrod is worried about.

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