Trump Dares Biden: “Say Their Names”

( – Donald Trump has given his unfettered support for years to angel families, the relatives of individuals killed by illegal migrants. For instance, he gave several of them a national platform by inviting them to participate in his rallies during his 2016 presidential campaign. Likewise, Trump invited Jamiel Shaw Sr. to attend his first joint congressional address alongside then-First Lady Melania Trump in 2017. An undocumented gang member and his Hispanic accomplice killed the Angel Father’s teenage son in 2008.

A History of Honoring Families

Then, in 2018, the former president invited several Angel Families to the White House to share their stories. Trump told the crowd of reporters attending the event that those individuals had been “permanently separated from their loved ones,” adding that Democrats and others who promote weak immigration policies “don’t want to discuss” their tragic losses.

Most recently, Trump lashed out at Biden for turning his back on Angel families through his lax border and immigration policies and dared the president to “say their names.”

Trump Dares Biden To Acknowledge Angel Families

On April 2, Trump spoke out about the plight of Angel Families during a campaign speech in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Breitbart News reported that he spent a portion of the rally “urging President Joe Biden to say the victim’s names.”

The former president warned the audience that Biden was turning every state into a border state and every town into a border town by bringing the chaos and carnage from “all over the world” and dumping it into America’s “backyards.” He pointed out that inmates and mental patients are crossing the border, thanks to Biden’s lack of interest in keeping American communities safe.

Trump noted that under his administration, the federal government maintained a “tough policy of getting bad people out” of the country. They took illegal migrants by the thousands and forced them to leave.

Pivoting, Trump discussed some of the victims of crime at the hands of illegal migrants. Likewise, Trump posted a statement on his website earlier that day concerning the “tragic consequences” of the president’s “border bloodbath. The notice bore “SAY THEIR NAMES” in all capital letters at the beginning of its subject line.

The post explained that Biden had “launched an invasion” of the country by “resettling dangerous illegal aliens… [throughout] American communities.” He warned that those migrants were praying on law-abiding citizens, imperiling their lives. The statement also included photographs of six adults, one married couple, and four children brutally murdered by illegal immigrants.

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