Trump Fires Back After Scathing Speech

Trump Fires Back After Scathing Speech

( – Robert De Niro and former President Donald Trump have no love for one another. The actor has repeatedly attacked Trump over the years. Recently, he gave a scathing speech about the politician at the Gotham Awards. Trump has now responded to the attack.

At the end of November, De Niro said that Trump lied to Americans more than 30,000 times during his four year tenure in the White House. Further, the actor claimed the former president was on a campaign of retribution. The actor went on to say that Trump isn’t able to “hide his soul. He attacks the weak” and doesn’t respect other people. The actor made the remarks when he was presenting the award for Historical Icon and Creator Tribute.

Trump responded to De Niro’s attack in a post on TRUTH Social. He said the actor should forget about him and focus on his own messy life. The former president said De Niro is a “total loser.”

In October, De Niro made a statement that was aired at the Stop Trump Summit in New York City. He was sick and not able to attend the event, but he wanted his insults heard. The actor claimed Trump was a “wannabe tough guy with no morals or ethics.” He cited his experiences playing bad guys and said he believes Trump is “an evil” man. He claimed the former commander-in-chief didn’t have any “sense of right or wrong” or any “regard for anyone but himself.”

After Trump lost the 2020 election, De Niro went on MSNBC and warned host Ari Melber that he was concerned the former president might have inspired people who were smarter than him. He claimed that there would be more people like Trump in the future, and they might be more successful when it comes to implementing policy.

De Niro is just one of many Hollywood actors who constantly attack the former president. The ex-POTUS brushes off the criticism and has said people who do it suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

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