Trump Gets Good News as Election Board Rejects Proposed Ban

( – Former President Donald Trump is in a fight to stay on the ballot in multiple states. The Republican has been accused of violating the 14th Amendment by giving a speech on the day of the January 6, 2021, attack on the capital. He recently won one of the battles to stay on the ballot.

On January 30, Illinois’ election board rejected a motion to keep Trump off the primary ballot in the state. The unanimous decision came after its hearing officer, a retired Republican judge, determined the former president violated the Constitution by giving a speech at the “Stop the Steal” Rally and telling his supporters to march peacefully to the Capitol Building that day. Section 3 of the 14th Amendment is an insurrection clause prohibiting officeholders from serving again if they engaged in an insurrection.

The eight-member Illinois election board wasn’t buying it. The board, which is evenly split between Republicans and Democrats, rejected the claim that Trump violated the Constitution. The former president will remain on the ballot, and the election board members stated that they didn’t have the authority to kick him off anyway.

The Associated Press reported Catherine McCrory, a Republican board member, said there was “no doubt” in her mind that former President Trump “manipulated, instigated, aided and abetted an insurrection,” but said the board didn’t have the jurisdiction to remove him.

Trump celebrated the victory on his social media site, TRUTH Social, saying the vote was in his favor 8-0.

The US Supreme Court has already agreed to take the issue on. The justices have scheduled arguments for the second week of February in the case involving Colorado’s decision to declare Trump ineligible to run for president. It should also be noted that the Senate found Trump not guilty of inciting the insurrection when he was impeached the second time.

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