Trump Hits Biden Below the Belt in Hilarious Video

Trump Hits Biden Below the Belt in Hilarious Video

( – One of President Joe Biden’s biggest obstacles in the 2024 election is his age. The 81-year-old POTUS and his team are trying to change the narrative surrounding it. Former President Donald Trump, his likely opponent in November, recently mocked those attempts.

On January 11, First Lady Jill Biden spoke to MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski and dismissed concerns about her husband’s age. She said she sees her husband’s “vigor” and “energy” every day. She claimed that his age is an asset because it has left him with “wisdom” and “experience.”

The FLOTUS told Brzezinski that President Biden knows all of the leaders across the world and that he’s “the right man, the right person for the job at this moment in history.”

Later that evening, Trump, who will be 78 this year, shared a video of the president that made fun of his age. The 30-second video shows Biden at the White House, which has been transformed into a senior living facility. Music plays in the background, and the narrator states residents “feel right at home” at “White House Senior Living.”

The video cuts to a clip of Biden looking confused. The narrator goes on to list the facility’s amenities. Jill Biden is then seen helping her husband put on his jacket. The video shows an interview between the first couple where the president says he’s “been eating everything that’s put in front of” him, including all the Italian food. The first lady then chimes in with, “And ice cream.” The narrator concludes the ad by saying, “White House Senior Living, where residents feel like presidents.”

Although Jill Biden dismissed the concerns about her husband’s advanced age, the American people think he’s past his prime. A poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research taken over the summer found 77% of respondents thought the president was too old to be effective.

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