Trump Makes New Senate Endorsements

( – Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is stepping down from his leadership role following the November elections. After nearly 20 years as the most powerful Republican in the Senate, he will take a backseat role until his term is over. That means big changes for the leadership conference, and former President Donald Trump has just made an endorsement for one of the seats.

On March 14, Trump announced he was endorsing Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) as the next Senate GOP whip. The senator currently serves as the third-highest-ranking position as the chair of the Senate Republican Conference. If elected as whip, he would become the second most powerful conservative in the Upper Chamber.

Serving as a Senate whip is an important job. Barrasso would be responsible for counting members and rounding them up for quorum calls and votes. For example, if GOP leadership has a bill that they want passed, the whip would go around and muster up support, then make sure everyone was in the chamber to vote. There are similar whip positions in the House. Television fans might remember Kevin Spacey’s character “Frank Underwood” served as the House majority whip in “House of Cards.”

Trump believes Barrasso is the perfect person to fill the powerful Senate position. In a post on TRUTH Social, the former president called him a “fantastic Senator for the incredible people of Wyoming.” He said the person to fill the job would be responsible for ensuring the GOP passes and enacts “Strong Legislation that puts America First.” Trump declared the senator would “never let [Republicans] down.

The former POTUS exclaimed, “John Barrasso has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

The senator thanked Trump in a post on X, formerly Twitter, promising to work with him to “dump the disastrous [President Joe] Biden agenda and get our country back on track.”

Barrasso has served Wyoming since 2007. Sadly, the longtime senator lost his wife, Bobbi, to brain cancer in January.

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