Trump Names His Pick to Replace RNC Chair

( – Ronna McDaniel is widely expected to step down as the head of the Republican National Committee after the South Carolina primary. She just won reelection in January, but reportedly told former President Donald Trump she would vacate the position if he wanted her to — and he does. The Republican presidential candidate recently announced his picks to replace RNC leadership.

On February 12, Trump issued a statement saying, “The RNC MUST be a good partner in the presidential election.” He went on to say the national party had to do the work Republicans expect and “do it flawlessly.” Trump explained that means the party must “ensure fair and transparent elections across the country.”

The former president announced he wants the North Carolina GOP Chairman Michael Whatley to serve as the next RNC chair. And, he wants his daughter-in-law Lara Trump to serve as the co-chair. Mrs. Trump is married to Eric Trump and has worked closely with the national party in recent years, but has never served in any leadership capacity.

In the days since Trump’s announcement, a cloud is already hanging over Whatley. According to The Associated Press, Whatley has been accused by some members of his party of manufacturing his election win last year in the race to be North Carolina’s GOP chair. The race was held using electronic software, and there was evidence that some ballots were not cast properly, something the chairman acknowledges but denies the glitches won him the race.

John Kane Jr., who ran against Whatley, stated that the problems with voting led him to believe the chairman was either “completely incompetent” or “felt he needed to cheat to win.”

Whatley is from Watauga County, North Carolina, and volunteered for his first political campaign while in high school in 1984. In 2000, he was part of George W. Bush’s legal team. In the years after, he put his connections to work and became a lobbyist. Then, he returned to his home state in 2015 and became an early supporter of Trump. He hasn’t yet commented on the prospect of being the RNC chairman.

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