Trump Responds to NPR Scandal

( – A whistleblower has just demolished NPR’s reputation for unbiased news. Senior editor Uri Berliner says the taxpayer-funded media outlet has abandoned neutrality in favor of pushing a liberal agenda — and accused it of working against former president Donald Trump. Now, Trump has responded to the allegations, calling for the radio network to lose its public funding.

On April 9, Berliner, a senior business editor at NPR, published an article in “The Free Press.” In it, he said the outlet had “lost America’s trust.” Berliner claimed that, despite what many Conservatives now believe, NPR hasn’t always had a liberal bias. However, he says, it certainly does now.

According to Berliner, “an open-minded spirit no longer exists within NPR,” and both the network and its audience don’t “reflect America.” He said this goes back to Trump’s 2016 election victory. The NPR newsroom reacted to this with “disbelief, anger and despair” — but quickly swung towards trying to undermine the new president.

Berliner highlighted NPR’s obsession with the fake Russia collusion story, calling it “the catnip that drove reporting.” He said the outlet interviewed Russia obsessive Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) at least 25 times over the allegations — but, when the Mueller report found no evidence to support the story, NPR’s coverage suddenly became “notably sparse,” and the story was allowed to quietly fade. He also talked about Hunter Biden’s notorious laptop, to which “NPR turned a blind eye,” and the way the network dismissed any claim that a Chinese lab leak had caused the 2020 pandemic as racism.

On April 10, Trump discussed the issue on his Truth Social platform, calling NPR “a total scam” and “a liberal disinformation machine.” He called for an end to all public funding for the network, saying it should get “not one dollar.” That demand isn’t going to go down well with NPR’s shrinking audience, but as Berliner points out, even moderate and traditional Liberals have given up on his outlet now.

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