Trump Slams Biden for Skipping Slain Officer’s Wake

( – Former President Donald Trump is making law and order a campaign priority. To showcase that point, he attended the wake of a slain NYPD officer from Long Island, New York. President Joe Biden was also in the vicinity of the service but went to a pre-scheduled fundraiser instead. Trump is now speaking out against his successor and competitor.

Officer Killed in Queens

On Monday, March 25, Officer Jonathan Diller and his partner, Officer Veckash Khedna, noticed a car with two occupants parked at a bus stop in Queens. The officers told the man in the passenger seat, later identified as 34-year-old Guy Rivera, to step out of the vehicle. Instead of complying with the routine traffic stop, the man allegedly shot Diller in his stomach below his bulletproof vest.

An injured Diller managed to get the weapon away from the suspect. His partner fired at Rivera and injured him. The 31-year-old officer was rushed to Jamaica Hospital, where doctors pronounced him dead. Rivera has been charged with first-degree murder.

Three days after Diller’s death, a two-day wake was held for him at a funeral home in Massapequa, Long Island. Trump attended the service on Thursday and spoke to reporters outside of the funeral home afterward. He told them that Diller’s murder was “such a sad, sad event, such a horrible thing.” He made it clear cities needed to get their crime under control to prevent it from happening in the future.

Trump Speaks Out

On the night of the wake, Biden attended a fundraiser about 40 miles away at Radio City Music Hall with former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. The three raised $26 million for Biden’s reelection campaign.

Trump spoke to Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade about Biden’s decision to go to the fundraiser without stopping at the wake and said the president missed a “very sad moment.” He said Biden, Clinton, and Obama shouldn’t have missed the wake and that other police and first responders agreed.

The former president went on to say his successor and the others “have to get involved a little bit because this country is going to hell.”

“I think that politically he can’t support the police,” Trump said, speaking of Biden. He claimed the Democratic base is preventing him from supporting law enforcement officers and boasted of how much support he felt when he walked into the funeral home for Diller’s wake.

Diller’s wife, Stephanie, gave a eulogy at his funeral on Saturday and asked public officials how many officers have to die before they begin supporting the police.

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