Two US Border Patrol Agents Are Dead Under Mysterious Circumstances

( – Two Border Patrol agents died recently after taking a trip to South America. Investigations are now taking place in two countries.

Alexander Ahmed and Jaime Eduardo Cisneros, both 54, traveled to Colombia in May. Before the men returned home, Cisneros reportedly died after a tryst with an escort. According to El Colombiano, US authorities were in Medellín to investigate the Border Patrol agent’s May 31 death. The news report stated that the agent was found in the bed. He didn’t have visible signs of violence on his body.

Witnesses told law enforcement that they saw the alleged escort leaving the room with Cisneros. The two reportedly said goodbye to one another and nothing seemed off between them. The interaction was captured on video, and investigators found a copy of the woman’s ID card on file with the hotel reception.

Manuel Villa, the city’s secretary of Security, said the agent’s death was not declared a homicide. An autopsy was conducted to determine his cause of death. The Daily Mail reported Cisneros’ phone and other valuables were missing from his hotel room. His suitcase and clothing were a mess. His wallet was also empty.

Ahmed returned home after Cisneros’ death. On June 4, his body was found in El Paso, Texas. The agent reportedly killed himself. Ahmed and Cisneros worked together at the Clint station outside of El Paso and were both nearing retirement age.

US officials have warned Americans about traveling to Colombia because of an uptick in violence against tourists. At least 28 travelers have died in Medellín in 2024, including several American citizens. Some of the victims have been targeted by dating scams.

There were quite a few deaths last year as well. Tou Ger Xiong, a Minnesota comedian, died in December after going out with a woman he met on a Colombian dating app. His body was found in a ravine. Phillip Ryan Mullins, another American, died days after Xiong after partying with others the night before.

Officials have warned tourists against fighting back if they are robbed because they are more likely to be killed. Border Patrol has not commented on the agents’ deaths.

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